Pre-Diabetes Class

If your blood glucose level is 100 or above, you may have pre-diabetes.  However, there are simple, everyday steps you can take to drive those numbers back down into the normal range. Jean Irvin, registered nurse and certified diabetes educator, says, “Blood glucose levels in the high 90s or low 100s are your cue to make some healthy changes, which will help you prevent type 2 diabetes and all the health concerns that may follow it.”

Class Date, Time, Cost

Learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes at Winneshiek Medical Center’s pre-diabetes education class on Saturday, July 20 from 9 am to 12 noon on the lower level of the medical center. The class costs just $25 thanks to the generous support from the Depot Outlet and the Winneshiek Medical Center Foundation.  Participants will receive valuable materials and education not typically covered by insurance. 

The WMC pre-diabetes education class is open to anyone interested in understanding and preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes.  Instructors will discuss the definition of pre-diabetes, risk factors, prevention of type 2 diabetes and carbohydrate counting. 

Class size is limited; the registration deadline is Wednesday, July 17.  Call 563-387-3156 to register or for more information. 

What’s my risk?

The CDC estimates that approximately 23 million adults are currently diagnosed with diabetes, which has increased 2 million people over the last year.  Unfortunately, the CDC reports an additional 7 million adults live with the disease without realizing it.

People with a high risk for type 2 diabetes are those who are overweight, sedentary, over the age of 45 and have a family history of diabetes. African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are also at an increased risk, as are women who have had babies weighing more than nine pounds at birth.

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