Board of Trustees

The Winneshiek Medical Center Board of Trustees is comprised of seven publicly elected officials who represent all regions of Winneshiek County. The board works closely with members of the Winneshiek Medical Center Administration to determine appropriate policy and direction for the medical center, which is owned and governed by the residents of Winneshiek County.


burras_rick_new Rick Burras, Decorah, Chair
Term expires 2020
Roger Huinker, Decorah, Vice-Chair
Term expires 2022
  Clark Goltz, Ossian, Secretary/Treasurer
Term expires 2020
 hildebrand_steve Steve Hildebrand, Decorah
Term expires 2022
 Karl Jacobsen Karl Jacobsen, Decorah
Term expires 2022
Tim Schweizer, Decorah
Term expires 2022
Karen McLean, Decorah
Term expires 2020

Agendas & Minutes

May 2018 Agenda Minutes
June 2018 Agenda Minutes
July 2018 Agenda Minutes
August 2018 No Mtg ——–
September 2018 Agenda Minutes
October 2018 Agenda Minutes
November 2018 Agenda Minutes
December 2018 Agenda Minutes
January 2019 Agenda Minutes
February 2019 Agenda Minutes
March 2019 Agenda Minutes
April 2019 Agenda Minutes
May 2019 Agenda Minutes
May 29, 2019 Agenda Minutes
June 2019 Agenda Minutes
June 26, 2019 Agenda Minutes
August 2019 Agenda Minutes
September 2019 Agenda Minutes
September 25, 2019 Agenda
October 2019 Agenda
October 22, 2019 Agenda

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