The Student Experience at Winneshiek Medical Center

Winneshiek Medical Center offers a welcoming environment for students.

Our goal is to provide students interested in healthcare careers the opportunity to learn about rural healthcare in the hospital or clinic setting while shadowing or working under the supervision of our staff. Opportunities are available for job shadowing,  unpaid internships, and clinical rotations.

All students participating in one of these programs must first complete an orientation to our facility. Orientation covers confidentiality, infection control, institutional policies, HIPAA, safety in our facility, and other important topics.

Aspects of the student experience are coordinated through the Education Department. Please contact the Education Department for availability and details regarding upcoming opportunities.

Winneshiek Medical Center is currently not accepting applicants for Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or Medical Student Rotations.  All rotations are full.

Orientation for Students

Job Shadow Students
1.  Watch the hand washing videos:
Infection Control: break the chain
CDC – Wash Your Hands

2.  Complete the orientation video: Online Orientation for Shadow Students (Please allow 40 minutes for video)

3.  Complete the required paperwork (print and fill out) Orientation Packet for Shadow Students

Clinical Students & Interns
1.  Watch the hand washing videos:
Infection Control: break the chain
CDC – Wash Your Hands

2.  Complete the orientation video: Online Orientation for Clinical Students and Interns (Please allow one hour for video)

3.  Complete the required paperwork (print and fill out) Orientation Packet for Clinical Students and Interns

Job Shadowing our Staff:

Shadowing the daily duties and responsibilities of our staff may help you decide if you wish to pursue a career in healthcare. Shadow experiences vary in length, but are typically 3-4 hours.

Additional hours may be available for application into a school program (such as physical therapy, radiologic technician or respiratory therapy). Job shadows are available in most of our departments and will be scheduled based on department staffing availability for students age 16 and older.

An orientation to our facility and verification of identity is required prior to participating in a job shadow. Please contact the Education Department to get your orientation and shadow experience scheduled.

Preceptorships, Internships, and Clinical Rotations:

We offer a limited number of in-depth opportunities for the clinical student. There are additional requirements in order to be placed at Winneshiek Medical Center for a clinical experience or internship.

  • If the experience is for class credit, a contract with the school and program must be in place prior to the experience. Generally, we work directly with schools to receive placement for internships, preceptorships, and clinical rotations, but not always.
  • Students must participate in an orientation to our facility.
  • Students and interns in these programs must have a clear background check. Your school should provide the Education Department with the required information. Background checks required include:
    • Child and dependent adult abuse registry checks (SING)
    • Criminal background check
    • National Sex Offender and Sanction check
  • Any discrepancy to the above background checks will be thoroughly reviewed by the Education Department, Human Resources Department and Administrative Officer before a student is placed here.
    • Additionally, if during the time the student is on assignment, knowledge surfaces that criminal charges have been filed against a student, we reserve the right to end a student’s experience if the infraction is in conflict with the care that we deliver or our mission, vision or values.
  • Proof of immunizations is required, including:
    • Mantoux (TB)
    • MMR or titers for Rubeola, Rubella, and Mumps if student did not receive 2 MMRs
    • Hepatitis B or titer or signed waiver
    • Tdap
    • Date of Chicken Pox Disease or Varicella Vaccination
    • Flu Vaccination if during flu season or otherwise designated by Winneshiek Medical Center
  • Proof of Basic Life Support certification is required for clinical students. Either a copy of your current card or verification from your school that they have a copy of your current card on file will be accepted. We require American Heart Association certification and do not accept online courses from non-American Heart Association certifications, such as Red Cross. A hands-on skills component is also a required component of this requirement.
  • If a clinical student, date of completion for Mandatory Reporter Training for Iowa Child and Dependent Adult Abuse is required. If coming from out of state, you will be required to take the 2 hour course online prior to your experience starting.

If you would like to participate in a clinical preceptorship or rotation or an internship (clinical or non-clinical), please complete our application for consideration.  This may be faxed to Education @ 563-382-1962 or printed and mailed or scanned and emailed to the Education Department, Please also send a cover letter detailing your request, along with your current resume.

Clinical Application
Non-Clinical Application

If you are accepted for an experience, Winneshiek Medical Center’s Education Department will contact you.