Tips to care for your hearing aids

Blue = Left

Red = Right

Hearing aid dehumidifier

  • Every night, open battery door to turn hearing aid off and place in hearing aid dehumidifier.
  • Once weekly, microwave dehumidifier disc screen side up 20-30 seconds. DO NOT put hearing aids in the microwave.

Store hearing aids on dresser, night stand, desk – away from the bathroom.

New batteries

  • Remove tab and let battery sit for 5 minutes prior to use
  • Put battery tab on calendar to track battery life.
  • Keep hearing aid batteries out of reach of children & pets and keep batteries separate from medicines.

Wear your hearing aids most waking hours.

Remove hearing aids

  • When you go to bed at night,
  • When you bathe or shower or
  • To protect your ears around loud sounds and use appropriate ear protection

Hearing aid not working?

  • Check/change battery
  • Check/change wax filter
  • Schedule an appointment: 563-382-2911