The Mayo Clinic Outreach Dialysis Center in Decorah is adjacent to the Winneshiek Medical Center Clinic.

With nine active dialysis stations, Mayo dialysis cares for up to eighteen patients per day.

Dialysis treats chronic kidney failure, a disease resulting in the gradual loss of the kidney’s filtering ability, usually due to high blood pressure or diabetes. Dialysis artificially removes waste from the blood in patients with end-stage kidney failure, preventing debilitating and ultimately fatal buildup of wastes. Patients typically need the four-hour treatments at least three times per week.

The Mayo Clinic Outreach Dialysis Center has state-of-the-art equipment, and is staffed by registered nurses and patient care technicians who have received additional training regarding the specific medical needs of chronic dialysis patients. Patients treated at the center are monitored by Mayo Clinic Health System nephrologists who visit the center on a regular basis. Patients undergo a nephrology examination before dialysis treatment begins at Winneshiek Medical Center. Once dialysis treatment begins, Mayo dialysis team members monitor ongoing care using a computer link between the Decorah center and the Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare nephrologists in La Crosse.

For more information on the Mayo Clinic Dialysis Outreach Center in Decorah, call 563-382-2911.

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