Tips for Staying Fit

Keeping up with exercise goals can be challenging, especially for busy families. The following tips and ideas may help you keep your family fit!

Stick with it!

  • Make a plan. When you have the mentality of when you “get around to it” exercise often gets pushed aside. Make a plan, write it down, and stick to it.
  • If you miss a few workouts during week, don’t give up! Use your next available time to squeeze in a workout, even if it is just once. A little exercise is always better than no exercise.
  • Finding 30 consecutive minutes to exercise can be difficult. Break up your workouts into 10 minute sessions. Even if it is not all at once, it still counts!
  • Find a buddy. Pick a good friend or family member that has similar goals to you and together make to commitment to exercise on a regular basis.

Be creative at home

Sometimes the winter weather in Iowa is just too frightful for your family to venture outside. This doesn’t mean that you are out of options to stay active!

  • Cleaning can actually be a good workout! Vigorous house cleaning can burn about 150 calories in 30 minutes. Put on some upbeat music to help get you going.
  • Pick up a home workout DVD. These are rather inexpensive and can be easily done in your living room. And if you get tired of it, swap with a friend for a little while.
  • Other home equipment that is inexpensive and doesn’t take up a lot of space include: resistance bands, kettle bells, free weights, yoga mats, and exercise balls.
  • Go online! Search You Tube for exercise video clips; try searching for a dance workout. Looking to target a specific body part? Try or for workouts.

Work out at Work

Finding the time to exercise before or after work can be very challenging. Exercising during the work day isn’t only good for your schedule, but also for your productivity!

Try a few of these tips for working out at work:

  • Rather than spending time circling the parking lot looking for a front row parking space, park in the back of the lot and walk a little further. Remember, every step adds up! If you live close to your work place, plan to walk or ride your bike!
  • Stand when possible. Standing burns more calories than sitting.
  • Use break time wisely. Fit in 10-15 minute exercise breaks into your day. Try going for a walk during lunch, stretching at your desk, or going to the gym, if available.
  • Try replacing your desk chair with an exercise ball. An exercise ball can help you improve balance and core stability.

During those winter months

As the season progresses, the temperatures drop, sunset comes earlier, and many people spend more time indoors. However, the winter season offers many activities for you to stay active. Consider adding a few of these activities to your winter weekend.

  • Stage a snowball fight, maybe set a few ground rules first!
  • Go ice-skating.
  • Try snowshoeing or cross country skiing.
  • Build a snowman or a snow fort. Kids will especially like this activity.
  • Go sledding, walking back up the hill really burns calories!
  • Bring your favorite summer game into the winter season such as; football or whiffle ball.
  • Mix water and food coloring in a variety of spray and squirt bottles; and let the snow be your canvas as you draw pictures and write messages. It’s the winter version of sidewalk chalk!

Remember, snow shoveling is a great way to exercise!

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