Assist Care

Winneshiek Medical Center offers an Assist Care Program for individuals who request continued care, but do not meet the acute, observation or skilled care criteria.

Who can use the Assist Care Program?

Winneshiek Medical Center’s Assist Care Program is designed to help ease the transition of the patient from the hospital to home, nursing home, or another alternative environment. The Assist Care Program may be used for a maximum of five days per episode.

It is not available for permanent placement of a patient.

What services are provided in the Assist Care Program?

Winneshiek Medical Center will provide:

  • Standard hospital room
  • Linens
  • Bathing Facilities
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Meals (served in the room)
  • Assistance with ambulation, treatments, and personal hygiene as necessary.

What are my financial responsibilities?

Charges for the Assist Care Program are NOT covered by insurance. Therefore, persons using this program are responsible for all charges incurred. The charge for Assist Care is available on request.

Outpatient provider evaulation (clinic or emergency department), therapy, laboratory, and x-ray are available on an outpatient basis and will be billed separately.

The client will provide medications in original containers or, if it is requested, medications can be provided through the pharmacy at Winneshiek Medical Center for an additional charge.

A deposit covering the first two days is required at the time of check in.

How do I register for the Assist Care Program?

After being discharged from the hospital, individuals requesting this program will be asked to complete a registration form and
Assist Care Program payment agreement.

Important Information for Assist Care Patients

After 8:30 pm, the Emergency Department entrance is the only access to the Winneshiek Medical Center. You are encouraged to remain in the facility after that time. The Assist Care Program is located in an area which also serves hospital patients. Winneshiek Medical Center asks persons using this program to maintain a quiet and restful atmosphere during their stay in the hospital.

Winneshiek Medical Center is a smoke-free campus. Smoking and the use of tobacco products is not permitted on the premises.