Goodner, Andy Appt: 563-382-2911
Locke, Kevin Appt: 563-382-2911
Menke, Tyler Appt: 563-382-2911
Wymer, Sarah Appt: 563-382-2911
Young Johnson, Emily Appt: 563-382-2911
Zittergruen, Lisa Appt: 563-382-2911

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The Winneshiek Medical Center Obstetrics Department offers family-centered care and provides comprehensive obstetric services for families.

Winneshiek Medical Center welcomes more than 200 newborns every year using the combined expertise of a local team of medical professionals, including family medicine physicians, surgeons, a midwife, nurse anesthetists, specially trained obstetric nurses, a lactation consultant and car seat technicians. For high-risk births, families work with their local obstetrical care provider alongside specialists in larger medical facilities equipped to handle possible complications.

Services offered by the OB Department range from childbirth education opportunities, lactation consulting, car seat checks and other health and safety screenings, as well as cultural accommodations.

Winneshiek Medical Center offers complimentary aromatherapy for obstetric patients. Aroma (smell) from essential oils may promote relaxation and sleep, relieve pain, ease anxiety or restlessness, reduce nausea or indigestion, relieve headaches/congestion or soothe muscle aches.

OB Providers

Mayo Clinic Health System doctors and midwife who deliver babies are:
Andy Goodner, M.D.
Kevin Locke, M.D.
Tyler Menke, M.D.
Sarah Wymer, M.D.
Emily Young Johnson, CNM
Lisa Zittergruen, M.D.

Gundersen Health System doctors who also have privileges to deliver babies at Winneshiek Medical Center include:

Elizabeth (Libby) Abbas, D.O.
Catherine Nelson, D.O.
Janet Ryan, M.D.
Kristy Shilling, M.D.
Matthew Thompson, D.O.

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