Cardiac Rehab Phase III

Phase III Cardiac Rehab is a continuation of the exercise routine you have established while in Phase II Cardiac Rehab. The purpose of Phase III is to keep up your exercise routine and reduce cardiac risk factors. Your blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level are monitored and a record is kept during each session.  The length of Phase III is determined by each individual, as you can come in to exercise indefinitely.

The cost of Phase III is $40.00 for 12 sessions and is NOT covered by Medicare or insurance; however, we will give you a receipt for an income tax deduction. Attempts to obtain third party reimbursement may be made by each individual. If you have graduated from a Phase II program within the past 3 months you are eligible to begin Phase III Rehab. Contact Cardiac Rehab for specific days and times that are available by calling 563-382-2911.

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