Speech-Language Evaluations

Depending on what the patient is being seen for, the speech pathologist will consult with the patient regarding their complaint. An evaluation of the swallowing mechanism or a speech evaluation will likely be performed at that time. A plan of care will be established by the speech pathologist, including a case history, results of the evaluation and specific goals to be accomplished during treatment.

What is a videofluoroscopy swallow study?

A videofluoroscopy swallow study, often referred to as a videoswallow study or barium swallow study, is a procedure performed in the radiology department with a radiologist and speech pathologist. The purpose of the study is to assess the physiology of the swallow mechanism. It gives a clear picture as to what happens when an individual swallows several different consistencies. It helps the speech pathologist know what might be causing the symptoms of dysphagia, and well as how to treat the dysphagia.

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