Patient Stories

Skilled Care – Nursing and rehabilitation to meet your special needs
It was a beautiful spring day when Paul Johnson climbed on his tractor for some morning farm work. But Paul’s plans changed in an instant when a log he’d been pushing bucked back, slamming into the back of his neck and sending him somersaulting off the tractor. [...] Read More
Yes she can!
Kamryn Leuenberger can do many things. She can sit on her own, point to toys she wants to play with, and crawl across the room to satisfy her curiosity. She can power on her brother’s video games, explore the kitchen cupboards and crank the radio when a catchy song comes on. Five-year-old Kamryn has cerebral palsy. And through therapy, technology, and the attention of a loving family, her ‘can do’ list is growing. [...] Read More
Learning about diabetes with others just like you
Sponsored by the Winneshiek Medical Center Foundation, Dalton Hagen enjoyed the week-long adventure while learning more about diabetes and making friends with others just like him. [...] Read More
Internationally renowned care right here at home
Dorothy Gjere comes to the Winneshiek Medical Center Same Day Service Department for medications to control the progression and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. At one visit, she arrived with a box of hand-made stocking caps for pediatric patients. [...] Read More
Randy Iverson speaks of his unexpected heart attack
Randy, a husband, father, middle school teacher and coach, was experiencing a heart attack. [...] Read More
Spring Grove student athlete recovers from a skull fracture
Nicki Ellingson, a Spring Grove High School athlete, suffered a severe skull fracture and a low grade concussion after falling during a volleyball game. With careful attention and coordinated rehabilitation, Nicki is back on the court. [...] Read More
A Monona family chooses Winneshiek Medical Center for OB care.
Kellie and Laura Schutte of Monona, under the care of Tyler Menke, M.D., a Mayo Clinic Health System family medicine specialist, chose Winneshiek Medical Center for the birth of their second child, Kinnick. [...] Read More
Dr. Johnson gives Leanne a new hip and a new happiness.
“I saw the quality of my life diminishing: Walking was becoming so difficult for me that I would stay sitting in the car while my husband ran our errands, and often I would simply choose to stay at home rather than go anywhere. ” The pain in Leanne Goettelman’s right hip was affecting her life so greatly that she recalls waking up in the morning only to think she would hurt until bedtime that night. “I had given up hope that I would ever feel normal again. Pain had become part of my life,” says Leanne. [...] Read More
Local heart attack patient benefits from Mayo Clinic Health System relationship.
“It all started with chest pains at home one evening – they were worse than any heartburn I’d ever had,” says Merle Hastings of Calmar. “I am not one to initiate medical care, but after I had been complaining a bit, my wife pointedly asked if I wanted to go the emergency department…and I did.” [...] Read More
Sensory integration therapy at Winneshiek Medical Center gives a local family a new outlook on the world.
Children learn and process through their senses and each is unique and different. But when a child’s brain doesn’t process sensory information correctly, their world can become uncomfortable. [...] Read More