Patient Stories

Midwifery Care – a personal story
Soon, Melinda found out she was pregnant with their first child. Without family or many friends in the area, Melinda knew she wanted someone who could dedicate a great deal of time to her pregnancy, and research taught her that a midwife provided that level of care. [...] Read More
Calmar women grateful for local cardiac care.
It is not often a person can suffer a heart attack, be transferred by ambulance and helicopter, have a stent placed in her artery and come away with no heart damage. But such was the case for 69-year old Calmar resident, Dianne French. [...] Read More
Winneshiek Medical Center Hospice supports the McCargar family as they make end-of-life decisions for their father’s care.
Everyone hopes their passing or the passing of a loved one will be peaceful, and the McCargar family carried this wish for their father, Bob. [...] Read More