A Monona family chooses Winneshiek Medical Center for OB care.

Laura Schutte
Laura Schutte chose Mayo Clinic Health System family physican Tyler Menke, M.D. for obstetrical care.

Delivering comfort, compassion and …Kinnick!

“Dr. Menke’s attitude and personality meshed well with what our family was looking for in a health care provider,” says new mother Laura Schutte.

From Monona, Laura and her husband, Kellie, were preparing for the birth of their second child when they met Tyler Menke, M.D. Dr. Menke is a Mayo Clinic Health System family medicine specialist, providing family-centered care from birth through end-of-life at the Winneshiek Medical Center Clinic. Laura says, “His approach toward prenatal and family care was a perfect fit.”

Laura had undergone an emergency C-section at Winneshiek Medical Center for her first child, and expected a C-section for her second. “Once a women has a C-section, it is in the best interest of both mother and baby to clearly understand their risks if they are interested in delivering vaginally for a second child,” says Dr. Menke. “Approximately 60-80% of women who deliver vaginally following a previous C-section, or VBAC, have successful deliveries; however, complications can and do arise.” He adds, “Through our relationship with Mayo Clinic Health System, patients who choose a VBAC can receive care locally up to a certain point in the pregnancy, and then we help them transfer their care to a facility designed to handle any complications that could develop during delivery.”

Laura and Kellie considered the benefits and risks of both a scheduled C-section and VBAC, and in the end, chose to stay closer to home. “I was so comfortable at Winneshiek Medical Center,” says Laura. “I never really wanted to deliver anywhere else.”

This time around, Laura had the opportunity to prepare for the C-section experience. “Dr. Menke took me to the Obstetrics Department to help me re-familiarize myself with the surroundings. He, along with my surgeon, thoroughly explained every step of the procedure. As my delivery day got closer, Kellie, Dr. Menke and I created a birth plan together – what was going to be best for our new baby.”

Although the day of her delivery brought expected nerves, Laura was never concerned about the outcome. “My nurse anesthetist and operating room nurses talked me through the entire procedure. It took only about 10 minutes from the time they gave me the spinal block to when I first met my son, Kinnick.”

Fortunately, Kellie was able to attend the birth. “Kelly sat up next to my head encouraging me and Dr. Menke was ready to receive our new baby.” Laura recalls, “As soon as Kinnick was born, Dr. Menke brought him up to my face and I was able to snuggle right up to him and give my new son a kiss.”

Laura stayed a full five days in the Winneshiek Medical Center Obstetrics Department. “My insurance allowed a longer stay, and I felt very comfortable there. The nurses and staff at Winneshiek Medical Center made me feel like I wasn’t just a patient – but more like a friend or even a sister,” she says.

“I really enjoyed my time at Winneshiek Medical Center for our first child, and was looking forward to coming back for Kinnick,” says Laura. “If we have a third, we will definitely be returning, not just because of Dr. Menke, but because of the entire facility and nursing staff – delivering at Winneshiek Medical Center was a truly enjoyable experience.”

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