Balloon Sinuplasty provides relief for local woman’s chronic sinusitis

William Remington, M.D., Mayo Clinic Health System Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) specialist at WMC Clinic and Elizabeth Golovatski, a recent balloon sinuplasty patient.

People who suffer from sinus conditions treasure an afternoon free from headaches or an hour of easy breathing. From the early age of 16, Elizabeth Golovatski treated her allergies with daily doses of Sudafed and varying other medications. Nothing provided any lasting relief, and as the years went by, she spent much of her day in various states of pain and discomfort due to chronic sinus headaches and other sinus symptoms.

Following a European vacation, Elizabeth returned home to Decorah with a particularly severe sinus headache; a headache that did not subside despite her many attempts to relieve the pain. She was treated for a sinus infection, but did not respond to the medication. Her general practitioner referred her to William Remington, M.D., Mayo Clinic Health System ear, nose and throat specialist at Winneshiek Medical Center.

“I made an appointment with Dr. Remington and he determined that the pressure in my head was not from infection, just blockage from swollen sinuses – an unfortunate symptom of my allergies,” says Elizabeth. Dr. Remington suggested a new procedure to Elizabeth called balloon sinuplasty. He says, “Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that opens sinus passages.   It is done right in the office, which makes it a safe, convenient and cost-effective option for patients.”

Elizabeth, a Luther College physics professor, wanted to know more about balloon sinuplasty. “Dr. Remington understood my need to research this new technique, so he pointed me in the direction of the medical studies and findings. After careful research and consideration, along with Dr. Remington’s recommendation, I decided to proceed with balloon sinuplasty,” says Elizabeth.

Elizabeth scheduled the procedure for a Friday afternoon. “It was all very simple. Dr. Remington numbed the area and opened three sinus passages right in the doctor’s office. There was a little swelling, and relatively no pain,” she says. Elizabeth returned to work Monday morning headache-free.

In the months following, Elizabeth’s headaches have subsided, and she has had no sinus infections or ear infections – another symptom related to sinus blockage. “Balloon sinuplasty relieved the worst symptoms of my allergies – symptoms I’ve dealt with my entire life,” says Elizabeth. She adds, “Balloon sinuplasty with Dr. Remington was the best health decision I have ever made.”

For more information on balloon sinuplasty, visit, or call for an appointment with Dr. Remington at Winneshiek Medical Center: 563-382-2911.

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