Roger that? Yes, with my pen!

Our sense of hearing plays an essential role in our connection to family, friends, co-workers and community. But most of us seldom stop to consider the importance our ears play in our lives and every day communication.

New hearing aid technology available at Winneshiek Medical Center Decorah Clinic has made a difference for retired Luther College biology professor, John Tjostem. After 35 years of teaching full time at Luther College, John enjoys returning to provide a few lectures each year, and this year, he says he’ll be bringing his new hearing device, the Roger Pen.

“A Roger Pen is a discreet, wireless microphone that helps people with a hearing loss to understand more speech in noise and over distance,” says Cynthia See, Au.D., Mayo Clinic Health System audiologist at Winneshiek Medical Center Decorah Clinic. “The easy-to-use microphone wirelessly transmits to a hearing aid device. In addition, the pen includes Bluetooth for cell phone use; TV connectivity; and even has an audio input for listening to MP3, iPods, or other audio devices.”

“The Roger pen is a wonderful thing,” says John. “I use it at home to broadcast the TV signal into my ear.” The Roger pen even transmits through walls so the user doesn’t have to be in the line of site with the equipment. “This is really important,” says John. “It allows me to move about my home and do things and still hear the audio.”

In addition to being equipped with the new Roger pen, John was fitted for new digital hearing aids. “Both my hearing aids and the Roger pen are easy to use,” says John. “I just push little buttons and it all adjusts. If I do have issues, I know I can visit Dr. See’s office for assistance.”

Dr. See is a full-time audiologist who provides specialized hearing care including newborn screenings, rehabilitation for adults and children and custom fits the most advanced hearing aid technology available – with easy to understand models that are competitively priced, guaranteed, with batteries and supplies, including follow-up appointments. “It’s really nice to have an audiologist here in Decorah,” says John. “I get prompt service on my hearing aids and all the accessories too – and I like the idea of working with local businesses. I would never consider driving to a retail store in a bigger city for care. The Decorah Community is fortunate to have Dr. See’s services. Several of my friends have expressed to me the confidence they feel in the services that they have received from Dr. See. I would never consider driving to a retail store in a bigger city for care.”

Winneshiek Medical Center also offers quality, economical hearing aid batteries (by the pack or case), audiowipes, dehumidifiers, wax guards and wax loops are now available for purchase at the Decorah Clinic reception desk on the lower level of the clinic.

Dr. See works closely with William Remington, M.D., full time Mayo Clinic Health System ear, nose and throat specialist in Decorah. Together they provide hearing care for patients in unique situations, or with specialized needs, so they get exactly the attention they need, when they need it, close to home. Learn more at or to make an appointment with Dr. See, call 563-382-2911 or visit us online at

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