Successful knee replacement surgery at Winneshiek Medical Center.

Deb Hageman receives a knee replacement at Winneshiek Medical Center.
Deb Hageman dances with her surgeon, Glenn Johnson, M.D., just weeks after a knee replacement at Winneshiek Medical Center.

Dancing into the future

Twenty years ago, Deb Hageman of rural Ossian had no idea a fall while roller skating with her children would have such long-term affects. However, the aftermath of the accident came back into her life years later disguised as arthritis.

Deb, a gardener and a grandmother, began to cut back on the things she loved. “I had given up on most gardening because I could not bend my knees – the pain became too severe. I was also unable to spend the kind of time I wanted with my grandchildren because the activities they enjoyed quickly caused me pain.” Deb, who works full time at the Walmart Supercenter in Decorah, also had to modify the way she fulfilled her daily duties. “I had to walk the aisles of Walmart leaning on a shopping cart as my pain worsened; it was the only way to relieve pressure on my knees.”

Deb considered surgery for years before she took the step. “I’d repeatedly been told by specialists that I was too young for a knee replacement,” she says. It wasn’t until
Deb attended an informational meeting at Winneshiek Medical Center given by Glenn Johnson, M.D. that she gained some hope. Dr. Johnson is an orthopedic surgeon with Decorah Clinic Physicians – Mayo Health System who specializes in joint replacement, specifically minimally invasive procedures for both full and partial replacements. He says, “Many people who suffer from joint pain are hesitant to consider total or partial replacements. With new technology and procedures, the surgery is minimally invasive and recovery time is reduced – patients are up and moving independently far sooner than they ever expected.”

“I attended the seminar with my mother, who encouraged me to make an appointment,” says Deb. “In fairly short order I was recovering from a total knee replacement of my right knee, and a month later, a total replacement of my left knee.”

Deb recovered from both surgeries at Winneshiek Medical Center, receiving therapy from Winneshiek Medical Center physical therapists to regain her mobility. Deb says, “Three weeks after my second knee was replaced I was dancing at my niece’s wedding reception! Just a few months before at my daughter’s wedding, I couldn’t even last half a dance, but after my surgeries, I was even out-dancing my husband!” She adds, “My quality of life had been slowly deteriorating as my knees worsened. It wasn’t until the surgery did I realize how much I was missing.”

Deb looks forward to spending more time with her grandchildren – the first summer in years she will be able to keep up with them. “I am thankful this type of care is available locally and Dr. Johnson and his team were able to help me.”

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