Being surrounded by one big happy family

Evi Styve, age 71 of Decorah, had a knee replacement performed locally in Decorah at Winneshiek Medical Center (WMC) by Russell Norris, MD, Gundersen Health System orthopedic surgeon. Pictured with Evi is Laura Wiltgen, WMC Med-Surg patient care technician.

“If you need to be in the hospital, this is the place to be,” said Evi Styve, Decorah, about Winneshiek Medical Center (WMC). Evi is a patient of Janet Ryan, MD, Gundersen Health System family medicine provider.

 In late August, Evi had a knee replacement performed by Russell Norris, MD, Gundersen Health System orthopedic surgeon, a member of the active medical staff at Winneshiek Medical Center. This was her second. Her first was done 17 years ago and she knew her other knee would need to be done eventually. Evi’s pain had been occurring for some time, and she wanted to have the surgery done locally. “At the age of 71, traveling out of town isn’t exactly ideal,” said Evi.

 In addition to her age, Evi has diabetes. Performing surgery under these circumstances may cause one to be very nervous, but according to her, “Dr. Norris did a remarkable job. I am so thankful he was able to meet my needs right here in Decorah.”

 “Evi was hospitalized for two weeks following her surgery due to her other medical and rehabilitation needs. Typically a person is hospitalized for three days following a joint replacement,” says Dr. Norris. During Evi’s stay, she received on site rehabilitation from WMC Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, the largest rehab and sports medicine network in the area. She also received customized nutritional services and around the clock care from WMC nurses. “Evi has shown remarkable results in pursuing her knee replacement through controlling her diabetes and physical therapy. She is to be commended on the hard work she has put into it,” said Dr. Norris.

 “From the nursing staff to custodial staff I can’t say enough good things about the people and care provided here at WMC. I realize everyone is so busy, but all go above and beyond,” said Evi. “My stay at Winneshiek Medical Center was amazing; it was like continually being surrounded by one big happy family.”


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