Winneshiek Medical Center: A trusted partner for skilled care

While enjoying an evening out with family, Pat Usgaard of Decorah slipped in mud that had pooled along the curb.  “It had been raining, and I went down,” she said.  The Winneshiek Medical Center Ambulance brought her to the Emergency Department, where the physician determined she had fractured her hip in the fall.

Mayo Clinic surgeons performed Pat’s surgery in Rochester, and within a few days, the St. Marys hospital discharge planner approached Pat with a list of options for skilled care in Decorah.  Pat says, “My late husband, Bob, had been a Winneshiek Medical Center patient on numerous occasions.  I have seen and experienced the care and compassion of the staff.  There was no question in my mind – I was returning to Winneshiek Medical Center for skilled care because they are the best.”

The next day, Pat was given the news that Winneshiek Medical Center could accept her. Pat says, “The gal came in my room just beaming and said, ‘You got it!’  She was so pleased to have met my request. ”   Pat prepared for the transition to Decorah and was soon settled in her patient room at Winneshiek Medical Center.

“There are registered nurses on staff day and night at Winneshiek Medical Center, and the entire nursing team was so attentive to my needs,” says Pat.  “I never waited more than a few minutes for anything.  And the food!  I chose each meal from a full menu.  Every dish was as delicious as the next, and the Nutrition staff were genuinely kind.  I truly felt like I was in a high-end hotel with room service.”

But Pat’s stay didn’t come without some work.  “At Winneshiek Medical Center, the therapists come in twice a day, seven days a week.  It was hard work and they kept me very busy, but I could tell I was gaining strength every day. I was never bored!” she laughs.

Pat stayed at Winneshiek Medical Center for a little over two weeks before returning home.  She says, “My friends could not believe I was strong enough to go directly home after such a short time.  But the staff at WMC continued to support me with home health care, mobile meals and therapy once I returned home, so I was confident in my abilities to regain independence.”

Pat says, “I hope more people choose Winneshiek Medical Center for skilled care.  It is simply the best.” Speaking to anyone facing surgery, Pat says, “Be sure to request placement for skilled care at Winneshiek Medical Center in Decorah and even push the issue, if needed, after your surgery.  You will be happy you did.”


Why choose Winneshiek Medical Center for Skilled Care?

If you are recovering from an illness or surgery and no longer need acute care but need more help before successfully returning home, you may benefit from skilled care. Some benefits of choosing skilled care at Winneshiek Medical Center are:

  • Winneshiek Medical Center is a Top 100 Critical Access Hospital in the nation.
  • Staff are able to administer certain intravenous medications that long term care facilities cannot give.
  • Winneshiek Medical Center offers an intense rehabilitation program seven days a week to accelerate your recovery.
  • Winneshiek Medical Center offers post-acute nursing care for critical patients (example: heart surgeries).
  • Registered nurses are available 24/7, with staffing levels to quickly meet your needs.
  • A dietitian consult is provided upon admission and as you need throughout your stay, and you choose from a full dining menu for every meal.
  • Physicians are on-site should an emergency arise.

When the discharge planner or social worker at your surgical facility talks to you about skilled care, request placement at Winneshiek Medical Center.  Or, prior to your surgery, find out if skilled care at Winneshiek Medical Center is right for you.  Call Winneshiek Medical Center and ask to talk to the Skilled Care Coordinator to learn more: 563-382-2911.

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