WMC is on Brinn’s team

Brinn Anderson, a Luther College athlete, works with Winneshiek Medical Center physical therapist Dennis Keefe, MSPT, as she recovers from a torn ACL and meniscus.

October is National Physical Therapy Month

An athlete at Decorah High School and now at Luther College, Brinn Anderson has always pushed herself to be her very best. Unfortunately, her best has come with a cost. In her senior year of high school, Brinn suffered a fracture, leaving her with a rod in her left leg and two months of crutches. Less than three years later, Brinn had to break out the crutches once more after tearing her ACL and meniscus playing pre-season soccer for the Norse.

Fortunately, Brinn has Winneshiek Medical Center Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine on her team.

“I had surgery to repair my ACL and meniscus, and remove the rod in my leg in Iowa City,” says Brinn. But being a junior in college and in the middle of the fall term, Brinn wanted to return home as soon as possible. She chose to have physical therapy at Winneshiek Medical Center with Dennis Keefe, MSPT.

“Over my career, I have worked with many athletes and patients with ACL injuries, but each patient is different and their care has to be tailored to their specific needs,” says Dennis. “Brinn is very motivated and her goal is to return to playing soccer. With that in mind, we need to advance her program appropriately to get her back to her highest level.”

Just days after her surgery, Dennis had Brinn doing exercises as part of her rehab program. “Throughout Brinn’s recovery, I have worked collaboratively with her surgeon in Iowa City and the athletic trainers at Luther College. We are communicating so that Brinn’s recovery is seamless and members of her care team are all on the same page,” says Dennis. Brinn adds, “I like the differences in therapy. At WMC, we work one-on-one with the exercises and stretches specific to my needs. At Luther, I like the team atmosphere with other athletes in similar situations.”

Winneshiek Medical Center physical therapists work with surgeons and physicians from all areas. “We have patients who have their surgeries in Decorah, but they also come to us from Rochester, La Crosse, Iowa City, Minneapolis, and many other locations. We work with a wide variety of specialists to provide the care patients need close to their home or, in Brinn’s case, her home-away-from-home.”

“I am glad to have my therapy in Decorah at Winneshiek Medical Center, says Brinn. “They know me here and my appointments are convenient… I can fit them in between class and soccer practice.”

Brinn hopes to be back on the soccer field as soon as possible. “My surgeon expects six to nine months for a full recovery… I’m hoping for no more than six!”

Winneshiek Medical Center’s growing Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine department focuses on high quality, innovative and comprehensive care. Services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, athletic training, and cardiac rehabilitation. WMC Rehab and Sports Medicine provides services at WMC in Decorah and satellite clinics in Postville, Ossian, Calmar and Spring Grove, MN. WMC’s athletic training program provides local coverage for eight area schools.

For more information on therapy services at Winneshiek Medical Center, visit www.winmedical.org/rehabilitation or call 563-387-3031.

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