WMC offers ultrasound mist therapy to help heal open wounds

Winneshiek Medical Center (WMC) Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine offer ultrasound mist therapy to help heal open wounds. Sarah Anderson, WMC physical therapist, with Edwin Macal, who had a wound occur on his leg, and believes the wound would not have healed without the ultrasound mist therapy treatment provided by WMC Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.

Edwin Macal, Decorah, began to notice an open wound on his leg, known as a venous stasis ulcer. These ulcers are most commonly found on the legs and occur due to improper blood flow in the veins. Macal had been informed of the recently added ultrasound mist therapy procedure done locally at Winneshiek Medical Center (WMC) Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.

“Ultrasound mist therapy is a painless, noncontact treatment which takes only 2½ minutes to kill more than 80 percent of the bacteria on the surface,” explained Sarah Anderson, WMC physical therapist. “Ultrasound mist therapy may be helpful in treating any open wound,” says Anderson. Roughly 47 percent of open wounds heal faster with ultrasound mist therapy versus traditional wound care.

The next closest destination for this treatment is performed in Rochester, MN or Waterloo, IA. “She did such a marvelous job; I am so thankful to have had the service offered right here in Decorah,” said Macal.

This therapy helps heal wounds by first loosening and removing unwanted cells so the wound can be cleaned, then it begins to kill off bacteria that may cause infection and encourages new cell growth and lastly improving the blood flow to the area.

“Without this therapy I believe my wound wouldn’t have gotten better,” said Macal. “My leg was unable to support me because of my wound and shortly after my first visit it began to feel much better.”

To learn more about ultrasound mist therapy please visit with your local healthcare provider or phone our rehabilitation department at 563-387-3031.

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