WMC Pilates is a healthy choice for any body

Bridgette Mitchell, professional STOTT Pilates instructor at Winneshiek Medical Center, provides customized direction to Stephanie Folkedahl of Decorah during one of the recent Pilates classes held at Winneshiek Medical Center.

“STOTT Pilates fitness classes at Winneshiek Medical Center (WMC) Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine department are for people of any age and any fitness level,” says wellness instructor, Bridgette Mitchell. “Adding Pilates to your life will build a strong body core – supporting your physical health and mindfulness.” Although Pilates has been around for years, STOTT Pilates has modified many of the classic exercises to incorporate the newest medical research and exercises can easily be modified to adjust for all fitness levels and body types. WMC’s physical therapists, Megan Lyon, DPT, and Jenn Kuehner, DPT, trained STOTT Pilates therapists share, “We find the Pilates techniques hugely successful as we treat our patients. Partnering the core strength building of Pilates with physical therapy makes sense and helps us meet and exceed the needs of patients in our community.”

Stephanie Folkedahl recently enrolled in Pilates classes at Winneshiek Medical Center. “My friend and I decided to get in shape last New Year’s Eve and Pilates was one thing on our list we wanted to try,” says Stephanie. “We tried a class at WMC, and Bridgette was great at explaining all the exercises and making sure we were doing things correctly.” When performed correctly, Pilates can offer major fitness benefits like improved strength and stability, improved posture and balance, improved flexibility and a decrease in pain. “I was a little surprised that the day after my first class I was as sore without a ‘sweaty’ workout,” Stephanie says. “But I love the fact that you can do Pilates, not sweat a lot, and continue to see results! That’s why I keep coming back.”

WMC Pilates classes are geared toward making health and wellness affordable. Discounts are available for students and discounted punch cards are an affordable way to attend classes. Routine classes are held at Winneshiek Medical Center and at the Ossian Clinic. In addition, private or semi-private reformer classes are also available by appointment. Participants can drop into any class for $10, or purchase a 5-class punch card ($45) or a 10-class punch card ($80) and all equipment is provided. For more information, visit www.winmedical.org/pilates or call the WMC Rehab and Sports Medicine Department at 563-387-3031.

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