Healthcare Marketplace

What is the Health Insurance Exchange/Marketplace?

A provision of the Affordable Care Act calls for the government to create public exchanges, an online Marketplace to help consumers determine if they are eligible for Medicaid, low-cost coverage and/or financial assistance to cover the costs of their health insurance; compare and contrast health insurance plan options; and enroll in the plan that best meets his/her needs.

The public exchanges/Marketplaces will provide online information about various health insurance coverage options to meet the needs of individuals who are uninsured, Medicaid eligible and small employers.  Beginning January 1, 2014, every state will have a public exchange, also known as a Marketplace, in operation.  Open enrollment began October 1, 2013, and will continue until March 31, 2014.


Where Can I Get Help Understanding the Healthcare Exchange?

Winneshiek Medical Center has Certified Application Counselors available to help you.  To make an appointment, call 563-382-2911.

Help is also available for:

Iowa Residents   (800) 362-3002

Wisconsin Residents   (800) 362-3002

Minnesota Residents   (855) 366-7873


Helpful Resources

Health Insurance Marketplace. What you NEED to know. (pdf)

Health Insurance Exchange/Marketplace: Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

Health Insurance Marketplace   (pdf)
Presentation to the WMC Board of Trustees, 10-09-13

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