Healthy eating tips + snacks

Released: 05/09/18

“Research in eating competence suggests that modeling balance and moderation within a structure of planned meals and snacks sets your children up for a lifetime of eating well,” shares Sue Zbornik, director, WMC Nutrition Services.

Take time to prep. Planning ahead is a beneficial way to eat healthier and saves you time. Get your kids involved in making choices for snacks.

Balance and moderation is key. It’s okay to eat sweets now and then. Teach your children the importance of moderation. If kids are restricted from specific foods, you’ll find that they will crave what they cannot have.

Keep nonperishable items in your car. Items like pretzels, nuts, and crackers are great snacks while on the go.

Fresh produce is your best friend. Sticking to the fresh produce aisle for snack options is a great habit – mini tomatoes, chopped vegetables or fruit are great healthy options for a refreshing summer snack.


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