Luther nursing student assists in surgery at WMC

Released: 02/26/16

Izzy Scoblic, senior nursing major at Luther College, was encouraged to practice her nursing skills during surgery with the help of WMC’s CRNA staff.

By Sarah Eckhert, Luther College Intern

Nerves, excitement, and pride are some of the many thoughts and emotions Izzy Scoblic experienced this past January at Winneshiek Medical Center (WMC).

Izzy, originally from Iowa City, is a senior Nursing major at Luther College. She was a shadow student for a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) at WMC. At this position, Izzy observed about 20 surgeries a week, learning the ins and outs of anesthesia.

Dean Beinborn, Glenn White, Christine Sims, Jessica Thesing and Charlie Beinborn, CRNAs at Winneshiek Medical Center, have provided, as Izzy describes, a “welcoming, professional, and fun learning environment.” Her experience at WMC has given her the chance to build relationships with WMC staff and surgeons, while also building her confidence and skills as a nursing student.

“I love the Operating Room (OR) staff,” said Izzy. She explained that the CRNAs and OR staff encouraged her to ask questions and take full advantage of the hands-on experience at WMC. “This opportunity solidified and expanded on what Luther has taught me,” she said.

WMC staff have been examples of care and service to students from varied academic backgrounds this past January. With the majority of students in a medical-related internship, the medical center also offered internships more focused on business.

“From Surgery to Accounting to Community Relations, WMC had students exploring and broadening their area of study in a rural hospital setting,” stated Laurie Bulman, director of Human Resources at WMC. “Students are a valued aspect of the WMC identity. We value providing a place for students to expand and develop professional skills and their knowledge in their area of study,” she added.

While medical center staff help spark and solidify student interest in a health care environment, students also serve as a benefit to staff members. “By facilitating education to students interested in careers in health care, we empower our own employees to be innovative. Because experience is one of the key methods of learning used in health care, it was a natural fit to partner with Luther College and other higher learning organizations to continue offering these experiences,” stated Elly Lensch, the staff development coordinator at WMC.

Izzy closed her reflection on her job shadow experience with a huge thank you to the WMC surgical, CRNA and OR nursing staff. With great appreciation for their leadership and confidence in her, Izzy was able to challenge herself and enrich her education during this opportunity at the medical center. She highlighted that the OR nurses have shared great insight and perspective about how important it is to connect with patients. She saw firsthand how much of a calming impact nurses have on patients at WMC.

Izzy offered a word of advice to future Luther students, “I would encourage every student to find a shadow experience like mine at WMC. The experience and relationships made here are priceless.”

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