New and enhanced summer sports programs

Released: 05/20/16

Winneshiek Medical Center Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine will focus on increasing performance, proper technique and form, injury prevention, and functional core training in their customizable summer programs for grades fifth through twelfth.

The programs will be held at WMC and begin in June. The programs will be led by WMC physical therapist and athletic trainer Jason Engeleken and athletic trainer Derek Rausch. “The purpose of these programs is to help young athletes learn how to lessen their risk of injuries, but at the same time, help them improve their performance…” says Sarah Groux, director for WMC Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. “…the selection of programs can be customizable for an individual or more generalized for larger groups.”

Fit Knee Program: ACL and knee injuries are a huge concern for athletes, parents and coaches. Jason Engleken, DPT, ATC explains “Although we can’t prevent a knee injury, there are things that can be done to place you at less of a risk through proper instruction on technique and customized strengthening programs to address your specific areas of weakness.  We determine this through a detailed video analysis of you performing. At the end of the program, you will receive a pre and post video analysis of your specific knee performance so you can see your improvements.”

Want 1 on 1 connection to work on your personal performance goals? Check out our new program, Overtime: 1 on 1.  This programs allows WMC athletic trainers to focus on the individual’s personalize goals and create a program that best suits their needs. Other individualized programs that will be offered: runners, throwers, or a fit knee analysis, which focuses on ACL risk and prevention.

For individuals who chose to be more in a team setting environment, Overtime: TEAM is a great suite. In groups of 2-6, athletes are still able to focus on personal goals, but yet work together with their teammates or group of friends to help improve performance.

WMC physical therapist, Dennis Keefe leads a runner’s analysis with the assistance of a high resolution video camera. This analysis can provide important information into each runners particular style and help to provide the answers to the questions on how to improve power, speed and reduce the risk of injury.

Performance Pilates: If your child wants to focus on core training, this is the class for him/her. Sessions are offered in June and July. This is geared toward a high intensity and cardio based Pilates class that focuses on building a solid core which creates the foundation to improve stability and ultimately sport performance. Core, including the region of the body from the glutes up to the shoulders, is often overlooked in young athletes and is vital to developing power and control to optimize your lifts and training.

Back by popular demand with a new twist is Sports Excel. This is for students that are just starting to dive into competitive sports in the middle school arena or those that are looking to help stay physically fit. This class will be a generalized class involving instruction on landing mechanics and utilize body weight exercises to improve strength and power in a safe environment. Class size is limited to 10 with 2 instructors to allow for personalized instruction, if needed. Classes will be offered June 7—30 or July 5—28 from 9:00 – 10:00 am or 4:00 – 5:00 pm.

Whether your young athlete has a goal to run faster, jump higher, throw farther or become stronger, WMC Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine summer programs have them covered with programs that not only enhance their athletic ability, but also teaches them proper technique to avoid injury. Phone 563-387-3031 to register or for more information, visit


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