Phone Scam Alert

Released: 07/26/17

Local residents have reported receiving phone calls claiming to be Winneshiek Medical Center staff or representatives. The callers have been live voices and recordings. The caller ID is showing the calls are coming from Winneshiek Medical Center with various local 382-**** numbers. One type of call is asking for credit card enrollments and/or information. The other type of call is targeting senior citizens, stating they are in an age range making them eligible for a free medical alert consult provided by Winneshiek Medical Center.

These calls are scams.

Winneshiek Medical Center will not randomly contact you for information. Legitimate calls from the medical center are likely following up on an appointment or visit, test result or billing question. If you are not expecting to hear from us, please be very cautious when the caller claims to be from WMC.

Remember, you should never share personal information with an unknown caller over the phone, including your health information, payment information, credit card numbers or any other form of identifying information. If you receive one of these unexpected calls, simply hang up the phone. If you are concerned WMC may be trying to get ahold of you, call us back at 563-382-2911, provide as many details as you can about the call you received, and we will help you from there. These calls have been reported to the Sheriff’s Office and they are aware of the situation.

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