Warm and safe with a cozy blanket

Released: 01/04/16

Sarah Busta, a senior at Turkey Valley High School, recently made fleece blankets for pediatric patients needing a surgery or procedure at Winneshiek Medical Center.

Sarah Busta is an active senior at Turkey Valley High School. Not one to sit idly, she decided to repurpose fleece remnants she found while cleaning and make them into blankets for WMC’s pediatric patients. Sarah says “My mom works in Same Day Services and mentioned they were in need of small blankets to give to pediatric patients, especially now since they were starting to do pediatric dental procedures (with Annalee Fencl, DDS) at Winneshiek Medical Center.” Sarah has made 13 blankets, and is waiting for the first snow day of the year to make more. She says, “Sometimes due to the busy morning before a surgery or procedure, a favorite blanket is forgotten at home. I hope that the blankets I make will help pediatric patients feel safe and warm.”

The Winneshiek Medical Center Same Day Services department prepares patients for their surgical procedures and facilitates their discharge from the medical center. It is staffed by a team of highly skilled and compassionate nurses who help make each patient’s stay as comfortable as possible. Patients needing chemotherapy, infusions and blood transfusions also receive their care in this area of the medical center. “We are thankful to Sarah for her compassion for our patients,” says Deb Tekippe, supervisor of the unit. “We want all patients, and especially the children, to be comfortable at WMC. It is the small, personal touches that can make all the difference in their experience.”

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