Who are Winneshiek Medical Center’s Trustees and why are they elected?

Released: 04/24/18

Winneshiek Medical Center Board of Trustees is made of up seven elected members. Seated, from left: Tim Schweizer, Judith Robinson and Karl Jacobsen. Standing, from left: Clark Goltz, Rick Burras, Roger Huinker and Steve Hildebrand.

Lisa M. Radtke, Chief Administrative Officer, Winneshiek Medical Center

By Lisa Radtke, Chief Administrative Officer

Why do some health care organizations and hospitals have an elected board, when others do not? Winneshiek Medical Center (WMC) is owned by the people and sets a tax levy to collect property taxes from the citizens of Winneshiek County. To ensure representatives of the people are at the table when those decisions are made, we have an elected Board of Trustees.

Winneshiek Medical Center is a branch of the county government organized under Chapter 347-A of the Iowa code and is governed by seven local elected trustees, who provide oversight to the county-owned medical center. The trustees comprise a governance board, focused on mission-based strategic direction and high-level processes, rather than day-to-day operations of the medical center.

Current trustees include: Rick Burras (Chair), 2020; Roger Huinker (Vice-Chair), 2022; Clark Goltz (Secretary/Treasurer), 2020; Steve Hildebrand, 2018; Karl Jacobsen, 2018; Judith Robinson, 2020; and Tim Schweizer, 2022.

Members of WMC’s Board of Trustees volunteer their time to WMC and come from a wide array of backgrounds, including business and finance, academia, government service, health care, and more. They serve six-year terms, with no set term limits currently in place. The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring the organization adheres to its mission and follows not-for-profit laws. Collectively, they ultimately manage the property, affairs and funds of the medical center. Duties include:

  • Formulating and approving WMC’s strategic plan and overseeing execution of the strategic plan
  • Approving operating and capital budgets and long-term financial goals
  • Hiring and oversight of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
  • Overseeing succession planning for the CAO and other key Winneshiek Medical Center leadership positions
  • Ensuring the quality of the medical staff
  • Ensuring clinical quality, patient safety and service excellence compared to external benchmarks
  • Ensuring that Winneshiek Medical Center has an effective risk management and compliance program
  • Ensuring that Winneshiek Medical Center continuously invests in the development of a strong, talented and committed workforce
  • Overseeing decisions affecting salary and benefits policies
  • Approving strategic investments
  • Preserving the tax-exempt status of WMC by ensuring activities are in compliance with Internal Revenue Code requirements

The Board of Trustees plays a vital role in the future of local health care. With their guidance, commitment, discernment and wisdom, the medical center is able to meet its mission to be a lifelong community partner worthy of the trust our patients place in us.

If you ever have concerns or comments for the Board of Trustees as a whole, or individual Board members, the public is welcome to contact them through the Administrative office at Winneshiek Medical Center.

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