WMC Foundation announces 2017 Annual Fund

Released: 11/27/17

WMC Foundation 2017 Annual Fund
Family Medicine and Obstetric physicians Sarah Wymer, MD (Mayo Clinic Health System-right) and Janet Ryan, MD (Gundersen Health System-left) provide medical leadership to the Obstetrics unit at Winneshiek Medical Center. Both physicians agree the new fetal heart monitor will improve patient safety by enhancing communication within the care team, and allow all providers to spend more time caring for mothers and newborns at the bedside. They are pictured with patient Jenny Schrandt holding MacKenna.

The Winneshiek Medical Center Foundation has announced gifts to the 2017 Annual Fund will support a new fetal heart monitoring system for the WMC Obstetrics department. The new equipment costs $97,000.

“Lives can change in a heartbeat in labor and delivery, and as parents, families, neighbors and friends, we all went the best technology supporting the birth of new babies,” says Holly Kanengieter, coordinator of the WMC Foundation. “We are all in this together,” she adds.

A new fetal heart monitoring system will allow all delivering Mayo Clinic Health System and Gundersen Health System providers fingertip access to a baby’s heartbeat, every movement, and all the details of the mother’s labor. Obstetric care teams will have enhanced communication and direct access to critical health information to make informed in-the-moment decisions.

Sarah Wymer, M.D., Mayo Clinic Health System family medicine physician shares the medical leadership of the WMC Obstetrics department with Janet Ryan, M.D. from Gundersen Health System. Dr. Wymer says, “The newest fetal heart monitor technology is designed to help us manage information in more efficient ways, so our only focus can be on the bedside care of mothers and newborns.” The new technology is designed to work seamlessly and remotely with Winneshiek Medical Center’s electronic medical record, allowing providers to get real-time updates on a mother’s labor.   Dr. Wymer adds, “If anything looks concerning at any time, we will immediately work with the care team to meet the needs of our patients.”


Make a Difference

Gifts to the 2017 Annual Fund will help obstetric providers and staff connect with what matters most – mothers and newborns. Kanengieter says, “Because of the generosity of our donors, families will receive the highest level of care from skilled and experienced obstetric providers and staff, supported by leading technology in the industry.”

A new fetal heart monitoring system costs $97,000. Gifts can be made online at www.winmedical.org/annual-fund, or call the Foundation office at 563-387-3129.

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