WMC Obstetrics is now a breast milk collection/drop off location

Released: 04/05/16

WMC OB is now a drop off/collection depot for the Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa (MMBI), coordinated through the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. MMBI accepts donated breast milk to provide for infants in need. Pictured is Jean Drulis (center), director and cofounder of Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa with WMC’s Dawn Sanderman (left), director of inpatient services, Bethany Loyd, nurse and lactation consultant, Denise Duffy, lactation consultant and Connie Klimesh, obstetrics nursing unit supervisor

Winneshiek Medical Center (WMC) Obstetrics is now a drop off/collection depot location for the Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa (MMBI), coordinated through the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

Connie Klimesh, RN, nursing unit supervisor for WMC Obstetrics, says “A good way to understand how a milk bank operates is to relate it a blood bank. Being a milk depot location means milk banks rely on us to help meet the growing demand for donor human milk.”

MMBI uses human milk to reach hospitalized premature infants, infants born with immune system defects, insufficient milk supply, adopted infants, and for those mothers experiencing an illness requiring a stop from breast feeding.

Julie Smith, Calmar resident and milk donor says, “The decision to donate was an easy one for me. It seemed like such a simple way to make a difference. It only required a few minutes of my time a few times each day, and if I was on the receiving end I would appreciate donations made…I am excited to utilize the milk drop off in Decorah.”

WMC can accept donor milk only after the individual has completed the appropriate screening with Mother’s Milk Bank. After women have been approved to be donors, they may drop off their milk at the WMC milk depot (located in the OB department) any day of the week, between 8am and 8pm.

The milk is frozen and collected by the Mother’s Milk Bank, where it is pasteurized and pooled together, frozen and stored until prescribed by a physician for an infant. Donors must be: non-smoking, not taking any medications (with a few exceptions), willing to donate a minimum of 200 ounces over the entire lactation time and should not have consumed alcohol 12 hours before pumping the donated milk. The milk they donate must be dated, collected under sanitary conditions and frozen within the last 48 hours of pumping.

If you wish to order or be prescribed donor human milk please contact the MMBI at 319-356-2652.

To become a donor please contact the MMBI by calling their toll free number 877-891-5347 or visiting http://www.uichildrens.org/milk-donor-information for more information.

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