Daycare accident leads to emergency medical care at WMC

Haidyn Farley fell and broke her collar bone at daycare this spring. She received emergency medical care at WMC, and got a clean bill of health with her primary care doctor a few weeks later. Haidyn is pictured with the Mayo Clinic Health System physicians involved in her care: Larry Barthel, M.D., (left) emergency medicine, and Tyler Menke, M.D., (right) family medicine.

Haidyn Farley was having a very normal four-year old day.  She was playing with her friends at daycare, running around outside before everyone settled in for a nap.   Without warning, Haidyn tripped and landed hard on her right shoulder.

Her daycare provider, concerned about the force of the fall, called Haidyn’s mom, Stephanie.  Although she acted a little sore, they agreed that Haidyn may feel better after resting.  Upon waking from her nap, Haidyn continued to favor her right shoulder.  Stephanie says, “When my husband and I arrived at daycare, Jason went over to pick Haidyn up.  She cried out from the pressure on her arm, and we knew something was wrong.”

The Farley family went straight to the Winneshiek Medical Center Emergency Department.  “We didn’t wait long before Dr. Barthel was in to see Haidyn,” says Stephanie.  Larry Barthel, M.D., is one of five full-time Mayo Clinic Health System physicians who provides care in WMC’s 24/7 Emergency Department.   The Emergency Department also provides Urgent Care Services during evening and weekend hours, and houses the WMC Ambulance service.

“Haidyn was pretty nervous about being in the Emergency Room, but the entire staff was very compassionate and quickly put her at ease.  Dr. Barthel and the nurses talked directly to Haidyn – at her level – to make sure she knew what they were doing during the exam,” says Stephanie.  Haidyn soon got a wheel chair ride to the Radiology Department for an X-ray, which confirmed Dr. Barthel’s preliminary diagnosis: a broken collarbone.

“Broken collarbones are usually the result of an accident of some sort, as was the case with Haidyn,” says Dr. Barthel.   He adds, “Fortunately, breaks like Haidyn’s generally heal on their own with time and a little TLC.”

Within a few days, Haidyn had shed the arm sling Dr. Barthel had given her, and at her two-week check-up with the family’s primary care doctor, Tyler Menke, M.D., her collarbone was noticeably on the mend.  “Dr. Menke was very pleased at how well Haidyn was healing, and she enjoyed showing off how she could move her arm.  It’s amazing how fast kids heal,” says Stephanie.

The Farley family is thankful that emergency care is available at Winneshiek Medical Center.  “You never know what will happen, especially when the kids are at daycare, at a friend’s house or at an activity, and it’s comforting to know that if an accident happens, quality care is right down the road,” says Stephanie.   She adds, “Based on our experience, I would recommend the Winneshiek Medical Center ER to anyone.”