Patient finds relief through new minimally invasive sinus procedure at WMC

Jessica Hoey found sinus relief through a new minimally invasive procedure at Winneshiek Medical Center called Balloon Sinuplasty.

Jessica Hoey had been feeling poorly for a long time. For two years – off and on – she had dealt with irritated eyes, headaches and frequent cold symptoms. She had worked with allergists to try to determine if she had allergies and was treated for pink eye; however, nothing gave any lasting relief or definitive diagnosis.

During one of Jessica’s bouts of illness, she saw Sarah Kach, a physician assistant at Winneshiek Medical Center, who diagnosed her with a severe sinus infection. Sarah prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection, and referred her to William Remington, M.D., Mayo Clinic Health System ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon at Winneshiek Medical Center.

“Dr. Remington spent a great deal of time with me during my initial appointment. He asked many questions to understand my background and determine our next steps,” says Jessica. She adds, “As part of the appointment, I got a CT scan at WMC, which Dr. Remington reviewed with me – even I could see the blockage in my sinuses. Dr. Remington suggested we try a new procedure to open them up, called Balloon Sinuplasty.”

Dr. Remington says, “Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that opens sinus passages.   It is done right in the office, which makes it a safe, convenient and cost-effective option for patients. Jessica was an ideal candidate for the procedure.” After checking with her insurance carrier to see if it would be covered, Jessica scheduled the appointment.

“Dr. Remington had explained the procedure in detail, so I knew what to expect, but I was still a little anxious the day of my appointment,” says Jessica. “Everyone who helped with the procedure was attentive to my needs to make sure I was comfortable, and they made accommodations to help reduce my anxiety,” she adds.

Jessica was surprised by how quickly she felt relief. She says, “I had no swelling, and felt surprisingly well afterward. I instantly felt less pressure and more air flow through my sinuses, which was encouraging.” Jessica returned home after the procedure, and was at work – feeling great – at 6 am the next morning.

“I have been healthy since the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure. My eye issues and headaches have disappeared and I haven’t had to miss any work days due to illness, which is a big change!” Jessica says. “I am completely satisfied of the results and am recommending Dr. Remington and Balloon Sinuplasty to others.”

Jessica was impressed by the care she received at Winneshiek Medical Center. She says, “The providers cared about my concerns and offered solutions that worked. Dr. Remington was determined to find the root cause of my frequent illnesses to help me regain my health long-term.” Jessica adds, “I feel better, got the answers I was looking for and was a true partner in my health care. I’m glad I chose Balloon Sinupasty and Winneshiek Medical Center.”

Learn more about Balloon Sinuplasty at, or for more information on Balloon Sinuplasty, make an appointment with Dr. Remington. Call Winneshiek Medical Center at 563-382-2911, or request an appointment through MyChart.