WMC thanks Pat Wiest for 15 years

Pat Wiest
Pat Wiest is retiring from the Winneshiek Medical Center Auxiliary Board after 15 years of volunteer service. Wiest, of Spillville, will continue to volunteer at the medical center, specifically in the Auxiliary-run Gift Shop.

Every fall the familiar voice of Winneshiek Medical Center Auxiliary Board member Pat Wiest can be heard traveling through departments peddling tickets for the Auxiliary Fall Luncheon.  And no-one can turn Pat down.

Though she will continue to volunteer in the Auxiliary-run Gift Shop, after 15 years, Pat has announced her retirement from the Winneshiek Medical Center Auxiliary Board.  Her final board meeting will be July 10, 2012.

Winneshiek Medical Center staff sat down with Pat to reminisce about her tenure on the Auxiliary Board:


Winneshiek Medical Center: What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

Pat: I truly enjoy working with a group of people who have such an interest in the medical center and working as a team.  The Auxiliary has put on such interesting events; we have a great time while doing something worthwhile.  Volunteering at Winneshiek Medical Center has been very rewarding for me and the appreciation from staff and administration for our efforts has always made such a difference.


Winneshiek Medical Center: What are some favorite memories from the past 15 years on the board?

Pat: One of the highlights of my time on the board was when I was awarded Winneshiek Medical Center’s Volunteer of the Year award with the Iowa Hospital Association down in Des Moines.   I have also enjoyed recognizing the staff every year by chairing the staff appreciation event in the Gift Shop.   Although my fellow volunteers and I are baking for long hours before hand, Winneshiek Medical Center staff are so appreciative of the homemade treats – it has definitely been worth the effort.


Winneshiek Medical Center:  When/how did your interest in volunteering begin?

Pat: It was my father.  He always promoted volunteering to his family, telling us to “…give back to community, church and friends.”  I have carried his advice with me and am grateful he instilled a giving nature in me from an early age.


Winneshiek Medical Center: What would you say to someone who is thinking of joining the Auxiliary?

Pat: I would tell anyone interested in joining the Auxiliary about what a wonderful organization it is and how volunteers get a great sense of satisfaction for supporting the medical center.  There are so many pluses to being an Auxiliary member: you are part of a worthwhile cause; you meet new people and gain valuable friendships; there is a place for nearly every talent; and along with hard work, you have lots of fun!  Most importantly is the interest Winneshiek Medical Center staff and administration have in the Auxiliary projects and members personally.  The staff promote our events and include our group as part of their family.  I find that I use the words “we” or “us” when talking about Winneshiek Medical Center to others.  When I am there, I feel at home and among friends.  Winneshiek Medical Center is near and dear to my heart.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, including membership on the Winneshiek Medical Center Auxiliary, call the Community Relations Department at 563-387-3036.