Medical Staff

Your Mayo Clinic Health System doctors with Active Medical Staff privileges at Winneshiek Medical Center:

Scott Bohner, D.O.  Family Medicine
Sandy Clayton, M.D.  Emergency Department
Emily Connor, M.D. Orthopedics
Christopher Cooper, D.O.  Emergency Department
Tedd Gentry, M.D.  Emergency Department
Andy Goodner, M.D.  Family Medicine
Paul Jakopin, M.D.  Emergency Medicine
Kevin Locke, M.D.  Family Medicine
Anna Mark, M.D. Family Medicine
Thomas Marquardt, D.P.M.
Tyler Menke, M.D.
Family Medicine
Bradley Orvis, M.D. Urology
James Ott, M.D. Skin Care Specialist
Richard Remark, M.D.  Radiology
William Remington, M.D.   Ear, Nose & Throat
Anna Ryan, M.D.  Pathology
Caroline Schwickerath, D.O.  General Surgery
Joe Starke, M.D.  General Surgery
Eric Svestka, M.D.  Family Medicine
Kent Svestka, M.D.  Emergency Department
Laurie Tope, D.O.  Family Medicine
John Vogel, D.O. Family Medicine
Paul Wenner, M.D.  Family Medicine
Rick Wilkerson, D.O. Orthopedics
Sarah Wymer, M.D.  Family Medicine
Lisa Zittergruen, M.D.  Family Medicine

Additional providers with Active Medical Staff privileges at Winneshiek Medical Center:

Elizabeth (Libby) Abbas, D.O. – Gundersen Health System
Anthony Coppola, D.O. – Gundersen Health System
Michael LaBelle, M.D. – Gundersen Health System
Catherine Nelson, D.O. – Gundersen Health System
Janet Ryan, M.D. – Gundersen Health System
Kristy Schilling, M.D. – Gundersen Health System
Elleson Schurtz, M.D. – Gundersen Health System
Kurt Swanson, D.O. – Gundersen Health System
Matthew Thompson, D.O. – Gundersen Health System
Daniel Weintzen, D.O. – Gundersen Health System

Ask your doctor about health care services that can be performed at Winneshiek Medical Center.

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