WMC Auxiliary Light for Life – 2020 campaign

Light for Life is the Auxiliary’s annual community giving campaign. The 2020 Light for Life campaign supported the purchase of two items. The first was a Nu-Step for the Rehab department. A Nu-step helps strengthen the muscles around joints, build bone strength, increase range of motion, improve flexibility, and more – all of which help reduce pain and stiffness. This item will be used by patients in cardiac rehab and the physical therapy department.

The second item was a Smart Stand for the Rehab department to be used on the inpatient floor. The Smart Stand is a transfer assisting piece of equipment that can be used for transferring patients from one surface to the next. This offers a safe way to transfer weight bearing patients while they actively participate in the transfer.

Light for Life 2020 Donor List

WMC Auxiliary Health Care Career Scholarship

The Winneshiek Medical Center Auxiliary offers their annual Health Care Career Scholarship to residents of Winneshiek County interested in pursuing a health care profession.  The applicant must be accepted into an accredited health career program to be eligible.  The 2021 Scholarship Application is due Friday, March 12, 2021.

2021 Auxiliary Scholarship Application

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WMC Auxiliary

The purpose of the Auxiliary shall be charitable purposes; to advance the welfare of, and render service to the Winneshiek Medical Center, its governing board and administration.

Winneshiek Medical Center Auxiliary consists of twelve board members with a membership list totaling 250. The board meets ten times a year to plan numerous fundraisers and deem where money raised is spent. All money raised is gifted to Winneshiek Medical Center with the exception of certain funds allotted to their Health Career Scholarship fund.

There are three ways you can be a member of the Winneshiek Medical Center Auxiliary:

  1. Register as an active member by paying a $5 membership fee. By being active you agree to volunteer for one or more Auxiliary activity or event.
  2. Register as an inactive member by paying a $10 membership fee. We appreciate your support and will not call on you.
  3. Register as a life member. Write one check for $100 and be a member for life. You choose to be active or inactive.

Call Karla Bakken, Winneshiek Medical Center’s Volunteer Coordinator, at 563-387-3036 for more information.

Read the latest Winneshiek Medical Center Auxiliary newsletter.

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