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Donate OnlineJean Peterson Family

Jean M. Peterson spent her life caring for people. Whether it was her husband, children, grandchildren or patients she did it because she enjoyed it and had a zest for making life better for those around her. She spent 40 years working at the Mayo Clinic as a registered nurse, and retired August 2013 due to her struggle with renal cancer.

Jean passed away September 19, 2014, after her courageous battle with cancer. She was able to be at home with her family because of the care Winneshiek Medical Center Home Health and Hospice staff provided her and her family members. Jean’s devoted husband, Lee, said the hospice staff provided support and guidance at an important time in their life, and he missed them when Jean’s cares ended.

“Hospice was much more than just ‘support and guidance’, they were and intimate part of Jeans care and our family. We are thankful that WMC Hospice does extend care to surviving family members through emotional support and grief counseling,” says Peterson.

Establishing a lasting legacy in memory of Jean was an extremely important goal to Lee and his family.  They established two memorial funds with the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa ( The one fund will directly benefit WMC Home Health and Hospice staff. The dollars given in memory of Jean to this fund will support hospice nurse staff education and development for years to come.

The WMC hospice staff is deeply moved by the generosity of Jean’s family. “We are thankful for having been a part of Jean’s care,” says Nancy Haberichter, Home Health and Hospice Manager, “Our relationship allowed her to be home with family and friends, which was her desire.”

Mildred Jacobson

Mildred Jacobson gift to the WMC Foundation

Mildred Jacobson is the Chief Donor to the WMC Commemorative Fund for Community Mental Health. Mildred, or Millie as she is affectionately referred to by many in the community, is the great grand-niece of the legendary William H. Smith who, 100 years ago, became the Chief Donor for the fund to build the first hospital in Winneshiek County.  Millie’s $10,000 gift is given in memory of her parents, Paul and Leila Headington.

Millie said she has thought a lot about what she can do to give back to the community. “My feeling is if you can do something for someone else in the community – anyone – you should.  I have worked closely with the hospital for many years and my mother worked at the hospital after my father passed away,” Millie commented. “This hospital anniversary is such a happy event and there is such a need in our community that I decided, since Carsey and I didn’t have children, we could do something for somebody else and this is what I chose.”

The WMC Commemorative Fund for Community Mental Health is to support mental health services in the WMC service area, which includes Winneshiek County and parts of southeastern Minnesota.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can support the WMC Commemorative Fund for Community Mental Health, please contact the WMC Foundation Coordinator, Holly Kanengieter, at 563-387-3129.

Dan & Bonnie Huebner

Winneshiek Medical Center Foundation Donor Dan HeubnerThe community of Decorah was so fortunate to be blessed with the presence of Dan and Bonnie Huebner. They both gave tirelessly of their time, talents, and resources to make Decorah what it is today.

Dan and Bonnie truly inhabited the spirit of giving. To achieve their aim of making Decorah a better place for people to live in and to visit, they actively and generously supported numerous area businesses and causes. Dan practiced what he called “living giving;” he wanted to see, in his lifetime, the positive effects of his charitable work.

When Bonnie became terminally ill, Winneshiek Medical Center Home Health and Hospice Staff became very close with the Huebner Family, a relationship that continued after Bonnie’s death, and through Dan’s own illness and death years later.

Dan thought highly of the hospice philosophy of end-of-life care, gaining insights from which WMC patients continue to benefit. After Bonnie’s death, Dan and his family funded extensive renovations of a Home Health and Hospice office space within WMC, and in more recent years he funded the purchase of fifteen vital sign measurement units for use by WMC Home Health and Hospice patients.

Dan once said, “More people should understand the importance of the kind of professional, compassionate and understanding care that Hospice provides to the families in our community. Whenever we had a concern, whenever we called, they couldn’t have been more responsive. I have such a great respect for the calling these people have. I think it’s just wonderful that they would dedicate their life to making Hospice a success, and providing the comfort and care when others really need it.”

The Huebners left a legacy and an example for us to follow: A gracious giver gets more out of giving the gift than the ones receiving the gift.   Life isn’t about the material things we can accumulate during a lifetime, it is about sharing what we have with those around us.   Dan & Bonnie touched many lives as much as they touched ours, and for that we are eternally grateful.

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Winneshiek Medical Center Foundations honors our donors inside the main entrance of the medical center on the Donor Wall.  Levels of giving are displayed based on cumulative donations.

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