Family Medicine

Bohner, Scott Appt: 563-382-2911
Goodner, Andy Appt: 563-382-2911
Locke, Kevin Appt: 563-382-2911
Mark, Anna Appt: 563-382-2911
Menke, Tyler Appt: 563-382-2911
Svestka, Eric Appt: 563-382-2911
Tope, Laurie Appt: 563-382-2911
Vogel, John Appt: 563-382-2911
Wenner, Paul Appt: 563-382-2911
Wymer, Sarah Appt: 563-382-2911
Zittergruen, Lisa Appt: 563-382-2911
Gesing, Rebecca Appt: 563-532-9500
Grimstad, Ann Appt: 563-382-2911
Kach, Sarah Appt: 563-382-2911
Leschensky, Elizabeth Appt: 563-382-2911
Levinson, Heather Appt: 563-382-2911
Ludeking, Carol Appt: 563-382-2911
Olson, John Evelsizer Appt: 563-382-2911
Petersburg, Kathy Appt: 563-382-2911
Reicks, Samantha Appt: 563-382-2911
Wyffels, Kirsten Appt: 507-493-5115

Primary care at Winneshiek Medical Center specializes in one very important thing: you and your family. Primary care, also called family medicine, is provided by Mayo Clinic Health System physicians, physician assistants and advanced registered nurse practitioners.

It makes sense to establish a regular relationship with a family medicine doctor so we can advise you on healthy ways to avoid cardiovascular problems, degenerative diseases and preventable cancers. We can even help you change behaviors to reduce stress and improve your family’s nutrition.

Our entire team of primary care providers has extensive training in everything from obstetrics and pediatrics to ophthalmology, cardiology, sports medicine and geriatric medicine.

At Winneshiek Medical Center, you can be confident that you’ll receive high-quality care for every aspect of your family’s health — from your son’s camp vaccinations, to your daughter’s basketball physical, and even to your ruptured disc from shoveling the driveway. When a specialist is required, our family medicine doctors work in partnership with Mayo Clinic specialists, many of whom visit Decorah regularly as outreach physicians.

For an appointment with a family medicine health care provider, call Winneshiek Medical Center at 563-382-2911.