Grief Support Group

Losing a loved one brings on a series of complex emotions. Working through pain and other aspects of grief with the support of others can be an effective way to deal with loss.

Winneshiek Medical Center Hospice offers free grief support groups throughout the year.

“Grief is a natural and healthy reaction to loss; however, due to the emotional pain of death, people may ignore grief rather than embrace this necessary process,” said Melissa Whelan, LBSW, Winneshiek Medical Center Social Worker and coordinator of the grief support program.  “The grief support groups are safe and confidential – it is an opportunity for people to share their experience with loss and to express their feelings, reactions and thoughts with others who truly understand what they are going through.”

Online registration for the WMC Grief Support Group has closed. Please call 563-387-3024 for more information. Thank you.

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