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Hospitalists are doctors who specialize in treating hospitalized patients. At Winneshiek Medical Center, Mayo Clinic Health System patients will see the hospitalist every day while you are in the hospital. The hospitalist is available to you and your family to answer questions and discuss treatment options. Hospitalists will attend to any emergencies that may arise, and may ask other physicians to participate in your care as well. Gundersen Health System patients are seen by their Gundersen Health System doctor while in the hospital.

Benefits of a Hospitalist:

Hospitalists provide personalized care to in-patients. They can:

  • Order and read tests as needed
  • Discuss your concerns about your treatment
  • Available to talk to family throughout the day
  • Continually monitor your care and send you home as soon as you are ready

Can I still see my primary care provider?

While you are hospitalized, your treatment will by managed by the hospitalists. However, your primary care provider is welcome to pay you social visits. Just tell nursing staff you want to visit with him or her; they can arrange the visit for you. Follow-up appointments will be with your primary care provider or as directed by the hospitalist.

Patient Safety:

Your safety, while you are here and after you return home, is very important to us. The hospitalist will address your safety needs and create a plan that is tailored to you.

Patients come first at Winneshiek Medical Center. We will make every effort to assure you understand your diagnosis, medication regime, and discharge instructions. We invite and encourage any questions from you or your loved ones.

Additional doctors who serve as Hospitalists at Winneshiek Medical Center:
Elizabeth (Libby) Abbas, D.O. – Gundersen Health System
Anthony Coppola, D.O. – Gundersen Health System
Janet Ryan, M.D. – Gundersen Health System
Kristy Schilling, M.D. – Gundersen Health System
Kurt Swanson, D.O. – Gundersen Health System
Matthew Thompson, D.O. – Gundersen Health System
Daniel Weintzen, D.O. – Gundersen Health System