After Delivery

After your baby’s birth, the time you spend at the medical center is for rest, bonding and healing. Once your newborn is comfortably in your arms, what can you expect?

Postpartum care at WMC

Winneshiek Medical Center offers private and shared patient rooms following delivery. Your length of stay will be determined by your care needs; however, most families stay two nights following the birth of their baby. Your baby can spend all of his time with you in your room or we will bring him to you when it is time to nurse if you are breastfeeding. Just let us know when you want to bond with your baby and when you need to rest.

You can choose to have your support person stay in your room with you. A sofa converts into a day bed to make a comfortable sleeping area and complimentary guest trays are available.


Please see current COVID-19 visitor restrictions at Winneshiek Medical Center.

You may have family and friends who want to visit you and your newborn. Since your primary reason for staying with us for a few days is to rest, learn and bond with your baby, we encourage families to share the Safe & Secure Guidelines with their loved ones prior to the birth.


During your stay at Winneshiek Medical Center, our Obstetric nurses will help you begin your new journey of motherhood.  From bathing your baby, to breastfeeding and safe sleeping, you will learn what you need to know to begin caring for your new baby. And please feel comfortable asking questions. Our nurses are here to help you get off to the right start.

Wireless Internet available

Patients are free to bring their own computers to Winneshiek Medical Center. Wireless Internet connections are available in patient rooms. Although you may be tempted to share the news of your new baby as soon as possible, for safety of you and your newborn, we suggest you wait until you leave the medical center to send online birth notifications.

Personalized menus

Winneshiek Medical Center Nutrition Services offers personalized room service. Choose each of your meals from a full menu.

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