Preparing for Birth

Chances are, you have a lot on your mind as you prepare for your baby’s birth. Let us help you with planning so you can focus on your new arrival.

Car Seat Safety

Iowa law requires you to transport newborns in a vehicle with a properly installed car seat. Please plan ahead for when baby arrives.

Car Seat Rules and Regulations

Helpful Resource: The Ultimate Car Seat Guide

Instructional Videos:

Rear-facing installation

Forward-facing installation

High-back booster seat installation

Seat belt use

Tour the OB Department

Six to eight weeks before you due date, call the Winneshiek Medical Center Obstetrics Department to schedule a tour. We will take you through the birthing rooms, nursery and post-partum rooms. Prepare any questions you have and bring them along. We will do our best to answer them to help you plan a calm and enjoyable birthing experience.

Types of Birth We Support

Safety of mom and baby are of the utmost importance at Winneshiek Medical Center. We deliver low-risk births, which includes vaginal and cesarean births. If you have had a prior cesarean section (C-section) and want to deliver vaginally for this baby, we will refer you to a medical facility prepared to handle possible complications that may arise. Talk to your family practice physician or midwife to determine your risk level and options.

The presence of a support person can make all the difference during labor and delivery. At Winneshiek Medical Center, we encourage you to have one “well” support people along with you. (The support person must go through the COVID-19 screening prior to entry.) If you plan to birth by yourself, not to worry. Compassionate obstetric nurses will be with you throughout labor and delivery to tend to your every need, make you comfortable and care for you and your baby throughout birth and after. If you have special support needs, talk to your family practice physician or midwife.

Safe & Secure Guidelines

Safety and security are a priority at Winneshiek Medical Center, which is why we have enhanced safety measures for our smallest patients and new families. Read guidelines.

Think about Childbirth Education Classes

It is our goal to provide up-to-date information in a fun and relaxing atmosphere and teach techniques that expectant parents can use. Childbirth education classes provide information and techniques for labor and delivery, patterned breathing and relaxation, breastfeeding, cesarean birth, car seat safety, pain management techniques, unexpected outcomes, interventions and care of the family following the birth.

Obstetric Classes offered at WMC can be viewed at the following link: Winneshiek Medical Center – Obstetric Classes

What to Bring to the Medical Center

At Winneshiek Medical Center, we have everything you and your baby will need to deliver safely. However, you may be interested in bringing along some personal items to make your experience as comfortable as possible.  And remember, your new baby cannot leave the medical center without a car seat. Be sure to have this purchased and installed correctly.

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