Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is therapy to help reduce pain and restore movement and function in individuals dealing with injury, disability, or disease.  Physical therapists work with people of all ages, including newborns, children and adults.  Physical therapists perform a thorough evaluation to determine and individualized treatment plan based on the needs of each patient.  Treatments may include therapeutic exercise to increase range of motion, flexibility, strength and endurance; manual treatments including mobilization and manipulations; functional training; and modalities for treatment of pain inflammation, or edema.

All physical therapists at Winneshiek Medical Center have extensive education and training.  Therapists have either a master’s degree (MPT) or a clinical doctorate (DPT).  In addition, therapists receive additional training in specialty areas such as gait and running analysis, ASTYM, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (McKenzie approach), Mulligan technique, and Stott Pilates.

At Winneshiek Medical Center, physical therapists treat patients with existing conditions and work to prevent their recurrence.  Physical therapists can also make recommendations for prevention of work-related injuries, such as proper lifting techniques or appropriate work station set-up.  In addition, physical therapists promote health, wellness, and fitness.

Patients can be seen by Winneshiek Medical Center Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine physical therapists by making a direct appointment or through a doctor’s referral. For more information on Winneshiek Medical Center Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, call 563-382-2911.