Life returns to normal for Todd after a home sleep study from WMC

Todd Kramme took a home sleep study with Winneshiek Medical Center. Patients who meet the health criteria may be eligible for this convenient service.

Todd Kramme’s fiancé had all but moved to the couch because of his constant snoring. “She told me my snoring was getting worse as time went on, and that I even quit breathing at night… multiple times,” says Todd.   He decided to talk to his doctor.  “I already had an appointment with John Evelsizer Olson at Decorah Clinic for another issue, so I asked about my sleep habits too.  John referred me for a sleep study, a service provided at Winneshiek Medical Center,” says Todd.

Todd met the health criteria for a home sleep study, an option for Winneshiek Medical Center patients. The home sleep study equipment allows patients to perform the sleep study at home rather than spending the night at the medical center, making the sleep study more convenient and comfortable for patients.  Most insurances cover home sleep studies, and the WMC Respiratory Therapy team works with the patient’s insurance company for pre-authorization of the service.

“The test was really no big deal,” says Todd.  “At my scheduled time, I stopped into WMC and got a quick, 10-minute lesson on how to hook up the equipment. When I was at home that night, I set it up, went to sleep in my own bed, and returned the kit to WMC before work the next morning.”

Next Steps – a CPAP Machine

Todd, who works at Decorah’s Spahn and Rose Lumber Company, met with his doctor for the results.  “The sleep study revealed I stopped breathing on average 29 times every hour.  Before I left Winneshiek Medical Center, I had a CPAP machine fit to me and ready for use that night,” says Todd.

Nearly immediately, Todd stopped snoring, and started feeling more rested in the mornings and throughout the day.  “And best of all,” says Todd, “my fiancé no longer had to sleep on the couch to get a good night’s rest.”

“Supporting local businesses is important to me, and that includes choosing Winneshiek Medical Center for care,” Todd says.  “It was easy for me to schedule an appointment and get set up with the equipment without having to take a day off of work.”  Since Todd’s sleep study, he has encountered others with similar symptoms and concerns, and encourages them to get help.  “The equipment at WMC is so convenient, anyone who is considering a sleep study should look into it with their doctor and ask if the home testing option is a good fit,” he says.

If you snore, stop breathing while sleeping, have daytime fatigue, unexplained irritability, depression, reduced attention, or have trouble staying awake when driving, working or other daily tasks, you should talk to your doctor. Left untreated, sleep disorders can lead to heart attack, stroke, car accidents and problems at home and work.  WMC accepts referrals for sleep studies from all area clinics and providers, or call Winneshiek Medical Center Decorah Clinic for an appointment: 563-382-2911.

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