Financial Assistance

Winneshiek Medical Center realizes that medical costs can be an unexpected expense. We will work with you to create reasonable payment plans and review your eligibility for assistance programs. We are committed to providing financial assistance to you if you are unable to pay your entire bill. It is important that you let us know as soon as possible if you will have difficulty paying your bill.

Winneshiek Medical Center Financial Assistance

Winneshiek Medical Center provides financial assistance to patients based on their income, family size and assets. Patients seeking financial assistance need to comply with all application requirements and provide necessary financial documentation. Depending on your ability to pay, you may qualify for Winneshiek Medical Center Financial Assistance programs. If you would like to determine your eligibility, please request a Financial Assistance Application form by calling Patient Financial Services at 563-382-2911 and asking to speak with a Financial Counselor.  You may also review our Financial Assistance Application online. WMC Patient Financial Assistance Program

Plain Language Summary of WMC Patient Financial Assistance Program

Providers Covered/Not Covered Under Financial Assistance

The factors affecting eligibility for Winneshiek Medical Center Financial Assistance Program include:

  • Income: In general, if your income is at the federal poverty guidelines, you are more likely to receive assistance.
  • Partial assistance may be granted using a percentage of the Federal Poverty Scale.
  • Evaluation of your saving, checking and other sources of household income.
  • Evaluation of your monthly expenses, including living expenses, medical expenses and other expenses.
  • Any special circumstances you would like to submit for consideration.

Financial Counseling

Winneshiek Medical Center financial counselors are available to all patients. This includes an explanation of the payment options available. We will explain the billing process and evaluate your financial need. We will also inform you about government assistance programs you might qualify for and assist you in the application process.

Financial Assistance Application