Patient Responsibilites

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Winneshiek Medical Center serves patients and their families with respect, concern, courtesy and responsiveness.  We are committed to maintaining patient confidentiality.  We respect each patient’s cultural, psychosocial, spiritual, and personal values, beliefs , and preferences.

To provide the best possible care, we ask patients to share accurate information about  themselves and their health.  We want patients to ask questions if they are unclear about their diagnosis and/or treatment.  We ask patients to respect the rights of others.  We also ask our patients to meet their financial responsibilities.

Plan Ahead

It is your duty to contact your insurance company before receiving care:

  • Ask if your plan has requirements or restrictions.
  • Ask what your plan will and will not pay.
  • Know your insurance company’s or employer’s approval and pre-approval requirements.*
  • Know your coverage limits before your visit.

* Pre-certification (pre-approval) is not a promise of payment.  It is your duty to pay for services your insurance authorized, but later did not cover.

Managed care plans, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), or Preferred Provider Options (PPO) benefits vary from plan to plan.  Insurance companies may not pay or may reduce payment for care outside the plan’s covered area.  To avoid this, please contact your insurance company to determine plan requirements or restrictions for care outside of the network.

We contract with most, but not all commercial insurance companies.  Please check with your insurance carrier or employer for coverage information.