Community Health Assessment

The 2022 report will be posted summer of 2022.

2019 Community Health Needs Assessment

Our 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment identified the following categories of concern:

Health Problems to Address

  • Mental Health: Problems, Access to services, Availability of local mental health providers
  • Safe Behaviors: Illegal drug use/abuse/distribution, alcohol abuse, bullying, screen time (excessive use), parenting skills
  • Health Care Access: High out-of-pocket costs, appointment availability to primary care
  • Health Conditions/Prevention: Mental Health, Cancers, Obesity, Aging Problems (e.g. arthritis, hearing, vision loss, etc.), immunizations against communicable diseases

Health Behaviors to Improve

  • Physical Activity: Increase physical activity, offer affordable opportunities/programs/facility to exercise, more time and willpower to maintain health habit
  • Healthy Eating: Eat more fruits and vegetables, Drink more water
  • Decrease Stress

Activities to address identified community health needs (above) are outlined in a report called a Health Improvement Plan.  These activities will occur over a 3-year period.

Winneshiek Medical Center Community Health Needs Assessment Final Report and Health Improvement Plan – approved June 2019

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